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March, 2021  

As most of you know, several years ago I relocated to Florida.  And for the past few years I have been traveling every 3-4 months to Atlanta to provide services.

Last year, due to the concerns of the corona virus, I had to cancel several times.

Now, because of the times we live in, after careful thought and consideration,  With a heavy heart and a bitter-sweetness, I must announce that I, Thermography Atlanta and Atlanta Breast Wellness, have decided it is in the best interest not to provide services in Georgia.

It has been my pleasure serving the Atlanta community for the past 20 yrs.  AND, you are more than welcome to continue services with me in Florida.  Please reach out to me when you are ready to schedule your appointment.

If you have any questions or want to discuss next steps, please contact me by phone, text or email. 

 BLESSINGS and Thank You for your loyalty.

 Dr. Rosalind Gamba, NMD,   

 Phone:  c- 770-355-8352   email:     The Villages, Florida 

Early Detection Guidelines

One day there may be a single method for the early detection of breast cancer. Until then, using a combination of methods will increase your chances of detecting cancer in an early stage. These methods include :

  • Annual breast thermography screening for women of all ages.
  • Mammography, when considered appropriate for women who are aged 50 or older.
  • A regular breast examination by a health professional.
  • Monthly breast self-examination.
  • Personal awareness for changes in the breasts.
  • Readiness to discuss quickly any such changes with a doctor.

These guidelines should be considered along with your background and medical history.